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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find questions and answers related to our services, home production and the buying process.

  • How is the building acquisition process?
  • Are the houses made in Latvia?
    Yes, all our houses are manufactured in Latvia, using only the highest class and quality materials.
  • Is it possible to adapt the house to your needs?
    Yes, any house can be adapted to the needs of the client. It is possible to adapt ready-made projects as well as to develop new, individualized house projects.
  • Does ECOSPACE provide home delivery and installation?
    Yes, we will help arrange delivery and home installation.
  • Where are the options to deliver and install the house?
    ECOSPACE houses can be delivered and installed in any place in Latvia or Europe, where it is possible to approach with heavy transport and where the building regulations permit the placement of the house.
  • What is the process of buying a house?
    You can read more about the process of buying a house and issues related to it in this section - PURCHASE PROCESS.
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